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Contract Number: GS35F0075M
Are you an outstanding Contractor?
Topic   Questions Findings   Topic   Questions Findings
Delivery 1 Based on a sample of orders, is the contractor delivering on-time an average of 95% or greater of the time? Yes Bankruptcy 12 Is the contractor free from Bankruptcy proceedings? Yes
Teaming Arrangements 2 If there are Teaming Arrangements, do these Arrangements address how customer service and warranty issues will be resolved? N/A Payment by Government Commercial Purchase Card 13 Has the contractor made arrangements to accept payment by purchase card? Yes
Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) 3 If the contractor has entered into BPAs, have they offered additional discounts? N/A 14 Does the contractor accept purchase card payments for orders above the micro purchase threshold? Yes
Warranty-Multiple Award Schedules 4 Is the contractor honoring the warranty terms of the contract? Yes Report of Sales 15 In the most recent period of the contract, not to exceed five years, are the contractor's Report of Sales 95% or greater on-time? Yes
5 Are warranty claims being handled promptly and efficiently? Yes Participating Dealer Sales 16 If there are dealers, are dealer sales being collected in the contractor’s system and included in the 72A report? N/A
Participating Dealers 6 If there are participating dealers, are the dealers listed and current in the contract? N/A Industrial Funding Fee 17 For the past period of the contract, not exceeding five years, has the contractor submitted the IFF 90% or greater on-time? Yes
7 Is the contractor complying with Billing Responsibility clause G-FSS-913? N/A ADMINISTRATIVE
PRICE LISTS & GSA ADVANTAGE! Novation/Change of Name 18 Has the contractor complied with Change of Name and/or Novation Agreement requirements? N/A
Price List 8 The pricelist being used by the contractor is the current approved pricelist? Yes Central Contractor Registration (CCR) 19 Is the contractor registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR)? Yes
Economic Price Adjustment (EPA) 9 Is the contractor complying with the Economic Price Adjustment Clause of the contract? Yes Administrative 20 Is the basic contract load information correct? Yes
Modifications 10 Is the contractor being proactive in proposing to add and delete items from the contract? Yes 21 Are the 72A Records located where the contract says they are? Yes
GSA Advantage! 11 Prices listed in GSA Advantage! Match those on the current approved pricelist or GSA Advantage! Update is in progress. Yes 22 Is the DUNS Number correct? Yes
EXPLANATION OF FINDINGS 23 Is the contractor's Contact for Contract Administration information (address/phone/fax/email) correct? Yes
Additional Information: DUNS 827188053 is not registered with CCR, however contract is register under DUNS 859091282. According to Ms. McCallister GSA loaded the incorrect DUNS for this contract. Emailed this to the attention of PCO David O'Neill on 1/22/04.
Please contact your Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO), KHADIJAH MUHAMMAD - (415)522-2821 - KHADIJAH.MUHAMMAD@GSA.GOV, with any questions regarding your Administrative Report Card.